Copyright Objection

Overview of Copyright Objection

In the process of copyright registration if the registrar finds any discrepancy in the application based on certain grounds like similar work is existing or duplication of work with other’s work then it raises an objection and ask for clarification from the applicant and provide a period of 30 days to the applicant to reply. Copyright objection may be raised by the registrar within 30 days from the date of filing application by issuing a discrepancy letter to the applicant.

Copyright Objection
Reason of Copyright Objection

Reasons of Copyright Objection

The application may be objected by registrar for any of the following reasons:

  • Similar work already exists.
  • Similarities in an application.

Documents Required for Copyright Objection Reply

Following set of documents are required to register copyright:

  • Copy of registration application.
  • Discrepancy letter issued by registrar.
  • Supporting documents of reply.
  • Affidavit, if required.

Process of Copyright Objection Reply

For the purpose of filing reply to copyright objection following steps should be followed:

STEP 1: Analysing Copyright Objection: The very first step to reply is to analyze copyright objection, understand why it is objected, and under which relevant section of the act it.
STEP 2: Drafting of Reply: Reply should be drafted very carefully it should include relevant rule of law and judgment supporting the case, reasons why it gets copyrighted along with.
STEP 3: Filing of Reply: Once a valid reply is drafted it should be filed along with all necessary documents with the registrar within 30 days of issue of discrepancy letter.
STEP 4: Copyright Registration: When the registrar finds the reply of objection valid it will waive the copyright objection and will proceed with copyright registration and issue a copyright registration.

What if reply is not Filed?

In case reply is not filed within specified period the application for copyright will be cancelled by the registrar and the status of application will be updated as “Rejected”. To avoid such harsh action by the Registrar it is required to file a reply to the copyright objection.

What if Reply is not Filed

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