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Details of the company are available on the website of MCA. Anyone can search the details or documents of the company through MCA portal. Search on MCA are of two types one is basic search which can be done without payment and other one is detailed search for which payment is required to be made.


Which Documents can be inspected in basic and detailed search?

  • Basic Search: This can be performed with the CIN number or name of the company. Following are the details which can be searched through it without payment:
    • Directors of company
    • Registered place of business
    • Master data of company
    • Incorporated since
    • Signatories details
    • Indexation of charge
    • Dates of filling of forms
  • Detailed Search: This can be performed after payment of prescribed amount to the MCA. One can inspect in detail documents of any company after payment. The name of company will appear in my work space from where documents filed by the company since its incorporation can be accessed. Detailed list of documents which can be inspected are as follows:
    • Memorandum of Association.
    • Article of Association.
    • Certificate of incorporation.
    • Appointment of auditor.
    • Removal of auditor.
    • Appointment, removal and resignation of director.
    • Annual filling i.e. AOC-4, MGT-7.
    • Any document filled with ROC.

Procedure of Public Search

  • STEP-1: New user is required to register on MCA portal.
  • STEP-2: After registering login on MCA portal.
  • STEP-3: Go to MCA SERVICES and select “View Public Documents”.
  • STEP-4: Enter the name/CIN of the company of which documents one wanted to inspect/view.
  • STEP-5: Select the type of document one wanted to view from documents category.
  • STEP-6: After filling above fields result will be displayed on screen then click on “Add this company to cart” option.
  • STEP-7: One can add more documents to one’s cart and after adding required documents click on “View Payment Details”.
  • STEP-8: In this step click on “Make Payment” option and pay required fees.
  • STEP-9: After payment go back and log in again on MCA portal.
  • STEP-10: Go to “My Documents” tab and select the document which one wants to inspect.

Use of Public Search

The public search of company on MCA portal is useful for following:

  • Analyzing financial position of the company.
  • Preparing search status report for banks. This will help bank to know the standing of the company before granting loan to it.

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