PF Return Filing


A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) may change its name in its active life cycle. It may be done due to some business reasons or due to the directions of the Central Government. Central Government may direct the LLP to change its name as it may resembles to some other LLP or may prove to be inappropriate.


Form-2 if the form to be filed by the employee to satisfy the purpose of provident fund under the various schemes of Employees provident Fund and Employees Family Pension. It is to be filed by the employee as soon as he/she joins the organization. The form 2 is divided into two parts:

  • Part-A: This part of the Form-2 states the employee must nominate recipients of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) balance of a specific account. It can be received only on the account of the death of the account holder (generally close family members). Various details of the nominee that are to be included in the Part-A of form-2 are:
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Relation with the subscriber
    4. Age
    5. Amount of the money to be received by the nominee
    6. In case of the minor nominee, the details of the guardian is provided
    Note: The sign or impression of the thumb of the employee/ subscriber should be present at the end of this part of the form.
  • Part-B: It contains some additional details of the nominee like the details of the family members, all those who are eligible to receive the fund, must be finished.
    Note: This section is also entitled to have signed or to have thumb impression at its end.


The form-5 is actually a monthly report which has the details of the employee who have become a subscriber of the scheme of provident fund. This form includes following details about the employee:

  • 1. Name of the organization
  • 2. Address of the organization
  • 3. Code number of the organization
  • 4. Account number of the employee
  • 5. Date of birth of employee
  • 6. Track record of work
  • 7. Date of joining
  • 8. Name of the employee
  • 9. Name of the husband/ father

Annual PF Return filing

30th April is the date by which Annual returns are to be filed in any given year. The forms that are included in it are

  • 1. Form-3A
  • 2. Form-6A


Member's annual contribution card id the another name for this form. This form shows the monthly contribution of the subscriber/ member in the fund. It also shows the contribution made by the employer for this fund. This data shown by the form-3A is calculated for each member in this scheme. Some additional details are also provided in this form which are as follows:

  • 1. Account number
  • 2. Name and address of the organization
  • 3. Voluntary contribution rate
  • 4. Name of the subscriber
  • 5. Statutory rate of contribution
  • 6. Name of the father or the husband

Note: This form must have the signature and seal of the employer present in the end.


This form is also a statement which shows the contribution details of each member of the organization/ firm/ establishment annually. The form-6A should contain the details listed below:

  • 1. Account number
  • 2. Name of the member
  • 3. Wages/ salary
  • 4. Employer's contribution
  • 5. Contribution of the employee
  • 6. Rate of higher voluntary contribution
  • 7. Refund of advances
  • 8. Remarks

Some additional details that are to be added in the 'Amount Remitted' column are as follows:

  • 1. Month of contribution
  • 2. Remitted contribution
  • 3. Pension fund contribution
  • 4. EDLI contribution
  • 5. Administration charges
  • 6. Aggregate contribution

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