Digital Signature Registration


Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is required by the officials like directors of the Company/LLP, Chartered Accountants of the companies, etc. After the incorporation of the business entity, the authorized officials require DSC to file the returns regarding the business. It is also required to verify its documents.


What is digital signature certificate?

It is a document or a security password that contain the details of the official such as name, Pincode, e-mail, country or nationality of the holder, etc.

It also has the advantage to reduce the risk of fraud. This certificate helps in validation of the identity of the holder as well as helps in integration of data of the holder. Because of this certificate, the requirement of physical presence of the holder is reduced, which further helps him to utilize his/ her time in other more productive works.

Authorities for certification of the DSC

  • IDRBT certifying authority
  • E-mudra
  • Code solutions
  • Safescrypt
  • Tata consultancy service
  • National informatics center

How to obtain DSC?

This certificate can be obtained via three ways: 1) by approaching the concerned authority directly 2) by online registration 3) by consulting a third party or intermediator. The applicant must have all the original documents required along with the self-attested copy of these documents. The certificate issuing authorities may demand for the certified documents of the applicant.

Validity of DSC

The time period of validity of the DSC may range starting from 1 year to 2 years, after which it has to be renewed. The renewal process is as same as the application of the new DSC. The applicant may go to the concerned authority with the original document or may apply renewal online.


Process of application of DSC

  • 1. Log in to the portal: log in to the portal or website of the concerned authority that issues DSC. After log in, the applicant have to elect the category for which DSC is to be issued. This includes business, individual, or company. Fill up the form for the concerned category.
  • 2. Filling of the form: the filling of the requires some of the information that is name of the applicant, contact details of the applicant, class or category of the DSC, validity, type of DSC, residential address of the applicant, identity proof of the applicant, address proof and GST number and identity details. After the submission of the above documents, the applicant is directed to the new page where the applicant has to fill up the details of the attestation officer along with the recent photo of the applicant.
  • 3. Attestation of the document by the officer in concern: the documents that are provided by the applicant must be attested by the officer of the authority. This attesting by the officer must be clearly visible.

Utility for DSC

Following are the uses of DSC

  • Annual filling with ROC in case of company
  • In case of LLP for LLPIN Form and GST filling
  • GST Return filling
  • GST Registration
  • Income tax filling

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